Lab Aberrant

A stuttering human in a white coat comes in during slow hours.

“Oh, h-h-hello. I was hoping I could p-p-put this flier up.”

It reads:

Needed: Problem Solving group for immediate hire. Experience with weapons and combat with monster a must. Generous stipend. Interested parties should contact C.D. Romlington, Scientist’s Guild 2nd Order.

“The day before last, we had a spill in our main laboratory. A c-c-case of avoidable negligence I’m afraid. Dr. Bolton will be sorely missed, but perhaps it’s better it happened in the laboratory. Anyway, we need our lab cleaned up. The reward is 750 gold. We can arrange to pay a fr-fr-fraction of it up front, of course. Shouldn’t like you to be ill-equipped.”
He leads you to a locked door at the end of the hallway. Any listen check at the door hears shambling movement from within. He gives you the key to unlock.

The lab is divided into six rooms, two sections of 3 rooms each.

1. 3x Gricks

2. 2x Ethereal Filchers (jaunts in while players are fighting the gricks and starts stealing items)

3. 1x Otyugh

CR 5 encounter



1-5 random minor potion
6-10 1 random minor and 1 random medium
11-14 Gloves of Heat Resistance DR/5
15-20 Filcher’s stash, door key
21 up 3 rings in desk drawer, Acid Resistance DR/5

Unlock door:

1. 4x Chokers Spot 20 notices one cloaker, 22 two cloakers, etc.
2. 2x Otyughs

3. 1x mimic shaped like boiler
Spot 25 , Alchemy 20 notices something ain’t quite right wit dat boiler
h3. Stuff

Search check 18, Alchemy 17 finds a tank full of acid. 10 foot range. make ranged touch attack deals 2d6+3 damage.

|1-5| 2 “random minor potion”s:|
|6-10| 1 random minor and 1 random medium|
|11-14| Gloves of Heat Resistance DR/5|
|15-20 Random magic weapon|
|21 up| +2 silver dagger in otyugh’s stomach|

CR 6

If players survive, the scientists reward them with 1000 gold. and then they get jumped in the street.

Jumped in the Street

Lab Aberrant

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