burning building

As you make your way through the streets, the sound of screams of “Fire!” and the drifting smell of smoke reach you at about the same time.

Round 1: DC 15
Survival (you push your way through the crowd)
Tumble (you climb up on a nearby cart and leap towards the fire)
Knowledge(urban) (you skirt down a back alley, hit two lefts and end up near the house)
Diplomacy/Intimidate (you yell for the crowd to clear a path)

Black hanks of smoke curl out of windows and doors. You hear the pop of burning wood as the ceiling crackles ominously.

Round 2: DC 17
Search (you run between the rooms, searching)
10: (2 gp worth of silver cutlery)
13: (3 random potions in cupboard)
17: stairs leading up
20: +1 sword and dagger crossed over mantel

Listen (you hear a woman’s screams from a higher level)

Round 3:
Fort save 17 or collapse from smoke
You run up the stairs. There is screaming from behind a locked door at the top.
Listen 14 (in addition to the screams, you hear hissing noises)
Strength 15 (you put your foot to the door and burst it from its hinges)
Spot 13, Jump 16 (in the adjacent room you see a balcony. From that balcony you can jump into the locked room)

In the room, you see (1/PC) humanoid forms intimidating a small elf woman curled in a corner. As you enter the room, they turn towards you. fight! Vampires

When reduced to 10 HP, assumes gaseous form and escapes.

Round 4: DC 15
Fort save 17 or collapse from smoke
Strength (you carry the woman out of the building)

SUCCESS: You emerge from the building just as a police force arrives. You hear steam hissing as the police magewrights begin casting water spells on the burning timber. Sergeant Dolom runs towards the woman. When it is clear she is not hurt, he turns to you and begins to ask questions.

When asked about what the vampires wanted, give Ancestral Codex Quest

You wake up in police custody with 5 hit points. After half a day of misery in the holding cell, you hear your name called.
“[name]. We pulled you out of that burning wreck just before the whole thing went up. We’ll have to write you up on Interference with Guard Business. That’s one strike against your record, young man.”

burning building

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