Random Urban Things Table

1. dice game

In a small alley, you see some young thugs shooting craps. Diplomacy 14 to play. Max bet is 10 gp, 20 with Intim. 16

If player wins more than once, fight!

2. pickpocket

The road ahead is blocked and a crowd has formed. Spot check 17 notices punk pickpocket grab 4d10 gold from character with lowest strength. Two Survival or Tumble checks before two failures catches up to him.

3. pie man

“Hot fresh meat pies! Real loin meat sticks! Hot buns! Only 2 gp!
If purchased, 1d6.
1-it gives you the bubble guts. minus 2 to next initiative
2- ow! that was sharp! 1d4 damage
3-4-hmm. not so bad.
5-spicy! you get bad breath. monsters flee you next encounter.
6- mm, that was well-cooked. 1d4 temp. hit points

4. loose animal

Listen 15. All who succeed here “Look out! Get out of the way!” and get to act in the surprise round. (All others are flat-footed.)

You look in the direction of the shouting in time to see the Dire Lion!

after 3 rounds 2 wizards start trying to restrain it magical grapple touch attacks (+15 grapple bonus.

Subdue animal: Rewards party with one minor magic item
Animal is killed or wizards subdue: 1 gold piece

5. fighting dogs

You hear growling. In a small alleyway you see two dogs fighting over a scrap of leather. Both have a look of hunger in their eyes, you can see their ribs poking through the side.

Handle Animal 18 With food (+4): roll three times
3 successes: both dogs follow until next encounter
2 successes: one dog follows until next encounter
1 success: both dogs run away,
0 success: fight! Dogs

6. fortune teller

A shabbily dressed human female sits cross-legged on a prayer mat. For 50 gp, gives minor hint about current quest.

7. burning building

8. Bullies

9. Escaped Fire Elemental
You see a street magician performing a trick.
Knowledge(alchemy) 13 sees him mixing two potions that will explode
Sense Motive: 15 this dude has no idea what he’s doing.

And now, for my final trick, the arc of fire. Stand back ladies and gentleman, for this may singe your eyebrows and coattails! And remember, this has been a presentation of Monsieur Lacards Traveling-BOOM

reflex save 14 to take half of 1d6 damage and get knocked prone. When you stand up, Large fire elemental

10: You walk uneventfully to your next destination.

Random Urban Things Table

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